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What is a Housekeeper and Why Do You Need One?

Busy families often find that their home lives are better when they have a housekeeper on staff. A housekeeper can help you maintain order in your home (and your sanity) by keeping your interior clean and organized. Over time, your housekeeper will get to know your home and family, so they can make sure your home operates exactly as you want it to.

Unlike a house cleaner who is hired to clean for a specific purpose, such as after an event or before you put your home up for sale, a housekeeper is a member of your household staff who provides the same care and attention to your home as you do. They can perform a range of duties related to caring for your home’s interior and creating systems to ensure your household runs smoothly.

Types of Housekeepers

At Ease Family Solutions offers two types of housekeepers—general housekeepers and executive housekeepers.

General housekeepers clean and organize your home regularly. They are responsible for ensuring that your home is appropriately vacuumed, dusted, sanitized, and organized so that you can live in it without worrying about tidying up clutter or cleaning it. They might also coordinate with contractors and other members of your staff.

Executive housekeepers manage the entire operation of your home. They are responsible for ensuring your home is well cared for and organized by coordinating with the rest of your household staff. An executive housekeeper acts as a manager for other household staff. They will train new team members to care for your household’s specific needs and consult with you if they encounter challenges or hurdles.

Benefits of Hiring a Housekeeper

Whether you are working from home or just need to relax after a long day, here are some reasons to consider hiring a housekeeper.

Eases stress

There’s nothing more stressful than spending hours cleaning up your home after an already busy day. Say goodbye to after-work stress and hello to relaxation when you hire a housekeeper who will manage the cleaning and organization of your home for you.

Saves you time

The main benefit of hiring a housekeeper is that they can save you valuable time cleaning and maintaining your home. You’re already busy working, coordinating schedules, and spending time with your family. Let a housekeeper handle cleaning and organizing your home for you so you can enjoy precious time with the people you love.

Creates a healthier home

It’s challenging to keep up with protocols and ensure that every surface in your home is regularly cleaned and sanitized. A housekeeper will be at your home throughout the week, ensuring that every room is cleaned correctly, keeping you and your family healthy.

Create systems in your home

A housekeeper will get to know your home and family, which means they will be able to create systems that work for your household to maximize efficiency and ensure your home stays organized after they leave for the day.

Prepares your home for entertaining

Now that vaccines are available, many families are starting to think about hosting small gatherings in their homes or backyards. Hiring a housekeeper can ensure that your home is always ready to entertain guests. Be prepared for whatever impromptu gathering takes place this summer!

Find Your Perfect Housekeeper with At Ease Family Solutions

Let us put your mind at ease with our home and estate staffing solutions. We work with highly qualified housekeeping professionals who are ready to help you manage your home.

At Ease Solutions offers general and executive housekeeping services. Learn more about our home and estate staffing solutions, or fill out a client application to get started.

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