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What to Know about Traveling with Your Nanny

Your family deserves a vacation. Bringing your nanny with you can help make it even more magical. A travel nanny can ensure that your children are well taken care of while you attend to business matters, enjoy a date night or get some much-needed rest.

However, there are some things you need to know before you take your nanny on your vacation to ensure it’s as enjoyable as possible for everyone.

Tips for Traveling with Your Nanny

It’s easy to think of your nanny as part of the family. After all, they spend a lot of time with your children and know them almost as well as you do.

However, when you bring your nanny on vacation, remember they are still working. This is your vacation, not theirs. So, when traveling with your nanny, think of this more as a business trip than a vacation for your nanny.

With that in mind, here are some tips for traveling with your nanny.

1. Pay your nanny for everything

Your nanny needs to be compensated anytime they leave their place of living. So, when you want to travel with your nanny, you must be mindful that they are more or less on the clock the entire time.

You should be paying your nanny their total hourly compensation, along with a travel stipend they can use for meals, transportation, and entertainment. You also need to cover lodging and travel expenses (airfare or gas money).

Consider all the things your nanny pays for when they aren’t working – those will need to be compensated for when you take them away from their home. The only things you shouldn’t be expected to pay for are souvenirs your nanny decides to buy for their friends, family, and personal use.

2. Get your nanny separate lodging

Nannies tend to prefer staying in a space separate from the family they work for while they are on vacation. So, look for a hotel near where you are staying. This gives them the space they need to relax at the end of the day and have some much-needed privacy.

Having your nanny lodge in a separate location also ensures that your family gets some quality time together to play games, watch movies, swim, or do anything else you want to do on vacation.

If you have small children or infants, you might ask your nanny to take over night duty so you can sleep. In this case, the nanny should be fully compensated for that time. However, they should still have their own space they can return to once you are up and ready for the day so they can get the rest they need.

3. Give your nanny some downtime

Your nanny doesn’t typically work for you 24/7; the same is true when they travel with you. Your nanny will likely want to enjoy the sights, food, and culture at their destination.

4. Outline a schedule

Part of the fun of vacation is being spontaneous. However, nannies should know when they will be expected to be available and on duty.

So, before you leave for your trip, outline a schedule that tells your nanny when they should expect to work and when they should expect to have time off. This can help with their planning and ensure that everyone knows what is expected of them ahead of time.

5. Consider giving your nanny an extra paid day off

Many families give their nannies a paid day off between the day they return home and return to work. This can be a great way to let your nanny recharge and know they are appreciated before they return to your family’s routine.

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