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Why a Temp-to-Hire Nanny Might be Best for Your Family

Families need to hire a nanny to care for their children for all kinds of reasons. Some families require a full-time nanny while both parents are at work. Others need a part-time nanny to provide childcare after school or during certain events.

And then there are families who need childcare now but are uncertain about the future. This is particularly true these days in California, where many tech workers are living in limbo, wondering what the future holds for them.

If your family needs childcare now but isn’t sure whether or not you will need it in the future, you may want to consider a temp-to-hire nanny.

How A Temp-to-Hire Nanny Works

At Ease Family Solutions is excited to offer temp-to-hire nanny services in California. With this solution, families can spend some time (usually around two months) developing a relationship with a temporary nanny before deciding whether or not to hire that nanny full-time.

This option provides additional flexibility for families uncertain about their future childcare needs. It can also save money for families who decide they don’t need a full-time nanny due to tech layoffs or other reasons.

Benefits of Hiring a Temp-to-Hire Nanny

These are some reasons families in the Bay Area, North California, and Southern California are looking for temp-to-hire nannies in California.

1. Flexibility

The number one reason to go with a temp-to-hire nanny is flexibility. This option ensures that your child is cared for by a qualified nanny who will keep them safe and engaged during the day, after school, or whenever needed.

In contrast to directly hiring a full-time nanny, with a temp-to-hire nanny, your family has time to determine whether you will continue needing the services of a full-time nanny before making a formal commitment.

2. Eases stress

Managing the payroll of household staff, including a nanny, can add stress to families who are already burdened with planning for an uncertain future.

When you work with us, we manage the payroll and paperwork for hiring a temporary nanny. This takes a lot of strain off families, so you can focus your energy on finding stable employment and spending as much time as possible with your family.

3. Seasonal solution

Many families find that their childcare needs change with the seasons, particularly in summer when the kids are out of school. A temp-to-hire nanny may be a good solution for families who do not need full-time childcare leading into summer but will once the seasons change.

This can give them time to determine whether the nanny suits their family before making a more long-term commitment. It also allows kids to warm up to their nanny and get to know them better before spending more time with them in the summer months.

Looking for a Temp-to-Hire Nanny? Let’s Talk

We know the future is unpredictable in California and other states. That’s why we offer temp-to-hire nanny services for families who want to hire a qualified nanny but are unsure whether they are ready to commit full-time.

We are among the only agencies in California to offer this service. So, if it sounds like the right fit for your family, get in touch with us. Start by filling out an online application. Someone from our team will reach out to you soon to learn more about your family and your needs so we can find the perfect nanny for you.

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