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How to Talk to Your Kids about Santa in 2020

Kids have had to deal with a lot this year. Our kids have handled the pandemic’s burden like champions, from not seeing their friends for several months to wearing masks during the school day.

Even during tough times, one thing that is always a bright spot is Christmas. Who can resist the thrill of holiday lights, classic holiday movies, and the sight of wrapped presents sitting underneath a tree?

Yet, in light of the pandemic, many kids are feeling anxious or worried about the upcoming holiday instead of joyful and excited. Can Santa come inside the house? Will he be wearing a mask? Most importantly, how will the pandemic impact the presents they receive?

We know how important it is for you as a parent to bring magic into your home during the holiday season, especially this year. We’re here with some tips on how to talk to your kids about Santa during the COVID-19 pandemic so they can rest easy.

Ideas for Talking to Kids about Santa During the Pandemic

How you approach your kids will depend on their age and their questions. Here are some suggestions that you can use to put your child’s fears to rest.

1. Listen to their concerns

Santa and his elves are an important part of kids’ lives. Even if they never meet him in person, kids believe in the magic that Santa brings and think of him as someone who cares deeply about them. It’s only natural that they would be concerned about his wellbeing during this time!

Take the time to listen to your kids and understand what, exactly, is making them anxious. Maybe they’re worried that having another person enter the home will put them and the people they love at risk. Or, they might be primarily worried about not getting any presents. Knowing they are being heard can put kids at ease and make it easier for you to figure out how to address their concerns while still keeping the magic alive.

Milk and cookes set out for Santa with a festive mask and a note from a child.

2. Develop a plan

Once you understand what is keeping your child up at night, you can work together to develop a plan to keep Santa and your family safe on Christmas. This plan will vary from one household to another. You might suggest leaving sanitizing wipes and a mask out for Santa along with his usual plate of cookies. You could send a letter to the North Pole requesting contactless delivery and ask Santa to leave the presents outside for the parents to place under the tree.

Ask your child to help in the process. Being proactive helps kids feel in control and can ensure that they feel comfortable with whatever you decide to do this year. Take their suggestions seriously and find ways to incorporate them into your holiday.

3. Connect with Santa virtually

A personalized call with Santa could put your child’s fears to rest. By hearing or seeing him and knowing that he is OK, kids might feel more comfortable with his upcoming visit. Here are a few places that offer digital communication between kids and Santa.

Christmas Dialer can send free messages from Santa or an Elf. You can also pay for a premium customized message for your little one.

Package from Santa is an app that has both audio and video options. Your kids can receive a personalized call from Santa or watch a personalized video that shows them on the nice list.

Message from Santa allows for unlimited calls and texts. You can forward your nice kid’s wishlist or report naughty behavior. This app can be useful for anxious kids who want frequent communication with Santa.

Do What’s Best for Your Family this Christmas

Every family is different, so the way that you approach Santa should be based on what’s best for your family. Before you get too deep into conversations about how Santa is managing the pandemic, remember to never underestimate the power of a child’s imagination. For some kids, a simple answer of “Santa is magic, so he doesn’t need to worry about COVID” could do the trick.

For other kids, taking actionable steps to ensure their house is ready for Santa and that he understands your household’s protocols can be the best way to put their minds at ease.

As you prepare for the holiday season, remember that we are here to help. @Ease Solutions offers childcare and household staffing solutions that can help your family prepare for the holiday and enjoy this magical season together. Visit our website to learn more!

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