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5 Fun Summer Activities for Nannies and Kids

Whether the kids you care for are school-age or not, summer is a great time to try out some new activities and have some adventures.

Some days that might mean packing a picnic lunch and hitting the road for a day trip. Other days, it could mean exploring the great outdoors from the comfort of your family’s backyard or neighborhood.

One thing is for sure – you do not want to deal with bored kids this summer!

Not to worry. We’ve got you covered with these five fun activities perfect for nannies and kids to do together this summer.

Top 5 Summer Activities for Nannies and Kids

These summer activities for nannies and kids can be modified based on the age of the kids you are caring for and your level of ambition. Use these ideas as a jumping-off point to a summer full of fun and wonder. Of course, make sure to communicate with your family to ensure the parents are on board before you embark on any of these summer activities.

1. Watch your garden grow

You don’t need to have a huge space to grow a garden. You can use pots, plastic cups, or even a milk jug to grow fruits and vegetables. Go to the store to pick out some seeds, then plant them. As you plant your garden, you can talk about what it takes to grow and nurture foods. The best part will be when you and the kids get to try the fruits of their labor!

Some good plants to start with are green beans, cherry tomatoes, and carrots. Or make it even simpler by re-growing green onions in a shot glass full of water. Cut the onions at the root, then place the root in water to watch the green onions grow in just a few days!

2. Take a backyard camping trip

Who says you need to drive for hours to get away from it all? Set up a camping site in the backyard! All you need is a tent.

Just pretending to camp can be enough to fuel your kids’ imaginations and keep them away from screens. If you are with them at night, lay back and look at the stars.

3. Paint rocks

Take the kids walking around the neighborhood or local park to find rocks. Then, bring them back to the house to paint them! This activity is excellent for kids of all ages.

When they are done painting, they can keep the rocks or hide them in local areas for their neighbors and community members to find.

4. Host a make-your-own pizza party

Fewer things go together better than kids and pizza parties. Make it more hands-on by having the kids make their own pizza!

This can be as ambitious as you want. For instance, you can make homemade dough or buy it from the store. Then, make or buy pizza sauce, cut up toppings, and let the kids’ creativity take over. If the parents allow, invite some other kids and host a pizza party competition to see who can make the most unique (and tasty) pizzas.

5. Have a drive-in movie night/day

Collect some large cardboard boxes that are big enough for the kids to sit in comfortably. Then, have them decorate those boxes like cars! Use materials from around the house to complete them. For example, paper plates can work great as wheels.

Choose a movie to watch once the cars are made, complete with popcorn and snacks. The kids will love feeling like they are at a drive-in without leaving home. If your family has a projector, consider setting it up outside when it’s dark to complete the authentic feel of going to the drive-in.

Let At Ease Family Solutions Make This the Best Summer Yet

Summer should be a magical time for families and their children. We can help you make this the best summer yet. Follow us on social media for more ideas and tips to help the children you care for have a great summer.

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