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Spring Break Ideas for 2021 Without Traveling Far from Home

This year’s spring break feels a lot different than last year’s, but things still aren’t quite “back to normal.” If you want to spend some quality time with your family without traveling far (or at all), you’re in luck! There are plenty of things you can do inside your home and around the Bay Area this spring break.

Whether you want to park your car in the driveway and stay there the rest of the week or you and your family are ready to get out there and do a little road-tripping, we have several ideas to keep you and your kids busy this spring break.

Enjoy Spring Break Without Leaving Home

A lot of people despise the thought of going anywhere during spring break. Maybe you’re exhausted from working, or you just don’t want to deal with the headaches that come from dealing with crowds and restrictions. Whatever the reason, don’t stress! Try these ideas for spending quality time together without leaving home.

Backyard campout

Get away from it all without actually leaving it all behind with a backyard campout. Set up your tent, roll out the sleeping bags, and bust out the grill to roast hot dogs and hamburgers. The best part of camping in this busy digital age is getting away from all the things that distract us, so put your phones in the house and leave the devices turned off. Share stories, look for animals and bugs, and enjoy the peace and quiet of the outdoors.

Plant a garden

Spring is a great time to plant a garden. You don’t need a ton of space or time, plus getting dirty is precisely the type of activity most kids love to do. If you don’t want an outdoor garden, you can easily get some pots to plant herbs and flowers indoors to bring the excitement of spring inside your home.

Host a private garden party

Play dress up with your kids and host a garden party for your family in your backyard, complete with fancy snacks and drinks. Try a new recipe or two, and let your kids decide on the menu and decorations. If you feel comfortable, invite a few friends or neighbors to join you.

Spring Break Adventures Near the Bay Area

If you’re ready to get outside the house without venturing too far, try one of these ideas. Make sure to plan ahead, especially if reservations are required. Even though many people are getting vaccinated, restrictions are still in place in many areas and can become more strict at a moment’s notice.

Visit Mount Diablo State Park

Adventure seekers will enjoy the breathtaking views from atop Mount Diablo. At its peak, you can see almost 200 miles, including past the Golden Gate Bridge. Campgrounds are currently closed, but this park is still close enough for a day trip from the Bay Area. Parking is currently extremely limited, so plan on visiting early in the day to secure your spot. Once all the parking spots are gone, the park will close for vehicle entry.

Swing Around at Quarry Park Adventures

If you’re feeling antsy and want to take a drive, travel about two hours north to the city of Rocklin for an adventure like no other. Kids and adults ages 10 and older can zipline, rock climb, free fall, rappel, and more at Quarry Park Adventures. Reservations are required, so book quickly to guarantee your spot during spring break.

Go on a Safari

Enjoy all the excitement and adventure of a safari without going too far from home. Safari West in Santa Rosa is open for business and has daytime safari adventures for those ages four and older. See over 1,000 animals from 90 species, including giraffes, cheetahs, lemurs, and wildebeests. If you want the full experience, book an overnight stay for the ultimate glamping experience. As with other attractions, reservations are required, so book early to get a spot.

We’re Here for All Your Childcare Needs During Spring Break and Beyond

No matter how you decide to spend spring break this year, we hope you experience a week full of togetherness, love, and laughter with your family. After all of the hard work you do the rest of the year, you deserve a chance to let loose and enjoy yourself!

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