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5 Ways to Simplify Thanksgiving Preparations

Many families are seeking ways to simplify Thanksgiving preparations this year. After the stress of the past year, you deserve to spend more time making memories with your loved ones and less time stressing out about cooking, cleaning the house, and making sure everyone else enjoys their meal.

Simplifying Thanksgiving preparations doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice quality or style when it comes to your meal.

Don’t worry. We have you covered with five ideas for simplifying your Thanksgiving prep without giving up all the things you love the most about the holiday.

How to Simplify Thanksgiving Preparations (Without Making Sacrifices)

Here are five ways to stress less this season and still have a magical Thanksgiving surrounded by your family and friends.

  1. Be realistic about your guest list

It might be tempting to invite everyone you know to Thanksgiving dinner this year. Before you get too far, though, consider whether you’re being realistic about what you can provide. If you have the capacity to invite 50 people to your home for dinner and love the idea of a huge crowd, then, by all means, go for it!

But if you’re not quite ready for a full house (even if you have the physical space), consider narrowing down your guest list to a select group of friends and family. You can always invite more people over later in the day for dessert and a game of backyard football.

  1. Hire a housekeeper

If you don’t already have a housekeeper, consider hiring one to help you prepare your home for entertaining. A housekeeper can keep your home’s interior and exterior clean and free of clutter. They might also be able to help you decorate your home.

Some housekeepers can perform a dual role as a housekeeper and a nanny. Hiring a hybrid housekeeper/nanny can give you more time to focus on getting ready for the holidays, knowing that your home and children are well cared for as you get everything ready.

  1. Bring in a professional chef

No rule says you need to make Thanksgiving dinner all by yourself! Instead of spending all day in the kitchen, hire a professional chef who can handle everything from planning your holiday menu to cooking the meal and cleaning up afterward.

When you have a private chef in charge of dinner, all you need to do is sit back and relax as you enjoy a peaceful meal with your guests.

  1. Make a timeline

Before the busy week of Thanksgiving approaches, create timeline for yourself, your family, and your staff. In addition, make a checklist of anything you need to order online or buy.

If you have a family assistant or other staff member available to help you with shopping, make sure you give them plenty of time to get what you need.

  1. Remember to enjoy your celebration!

Remember that Thanksgiving is all about sharing peace and unity with the people you love the most. So, no matter what happens, make sure to relax and enjoy your celebration.

Even if everything goes wrong and you end up ordering takeout for dinner, your family will appreciate spending time together.

We’re Here to Put Your Mind At Ease

We know how important time is for you and your family, which is why we want to make sure you are prepared for hosting Thanksgiving with as little stress as possible. At Ease offers childcare and estate staffing services that can simplify Thanksgiving preparations and keep you stress-free all year long.

To learn more about hiring a housekeeper, nanny, chef, or any other essential member of your household staff, get in touch with us. If you’re ready to find your perfect staff, fill out an application, and a member of our team will be happy to help.

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