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5 Safety Reminders for Nannies

New nannies are often hypervigilant about safety. However, can be easy to let things slide over time. Before you know it, you inadvertently put the children you care for in harm’s way because you have stopped prioritizing safety tips.

If that sounds familiar, take this as your sign to slow down and review essential safety reminders for nannies to ensure that you and the children you care for are always safe, whether at home or on the go.

Essential Safety Reminders for Nannies and Childcare Providers

As a nanny, the safety of the children you care for should be your priority. Here are some ways to ensure their safety while they are in your care.

1. Keep emergency numbers on you at all times

Having a massive list of emergency numbers in your phone might seem overboard. But time is of the essence during an emergency, and the last thing you’ll want to do is waste precious minutes searching for numbers for poison control or the local police.

If you don’t currently have a list of emergency numbers somewhere, create one. Focus on communicating with the parents, and ask for emergency contact numbers in case you can’t get a hold of them. These numbers should be in your phone and written separately in case your phone is inaccessible for one reason or another during an emergency.

2. Never leave the children you care for alone

Not even for “one minute” while you run inside the store. Not in the home while you run a quick errand. And certainly not in a public restroom or other public place. The family has entrusted their children to your care for a reason!

3. Never put socializing ahead of the kids

It’s OK to meet up with other nanny friends at the park or to go on a walk or do some fun summer activities together during the day. Socializing with other nannies can be great for your mental health and professional networking. However, socializing can never come before your children’s safety. This includes taking personal phone calls and texting while you’re on the clock – leave those until you’re done working for the day.

Your eyes should be on the children you care for at all times. It takes just one minute for a child to run away or have an accident that leads to injury. As long as they are in your care, the children are your top responsibility.

4. Do personal errands (and job interviews) outside of work hours

As a nanny, you are paid to provide engaging childcare, not run errands or take care of personal tasks.

For example, if you want to interview for another position, you should schedule the call outside your working hours. Scheduling an interview to be a nanny for another agency or family while you are caring for children is not only unsafe – it is unprofessional! You aren’t likely to get a job as a nanny when you are obviously not paying close attention to the children in your care.

5. Don’t entertain visitors at home or in the car

Finally, do not entertain visitors at the family’s home or while you are driving the children you care for around. You might think this is harmless, but the parents entrust their children with you, not you and your friends. If something comes up where you absolutely must see a friend or family member while you are working, get permission from the family first.

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