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10 Ideas to Celebrate Your Nanny During National Nanny Recognition Week

Your nanny does a lot for your family—chauffeuring the kids to and from school, making snacks, helping with homework, and keeping the kids entertained and engaged. Show your nanny how much they mean to you this month by celebrating National Nanny Recognition Week!

National Nanny Recognition Week (NNRW) began over 20 years ago to recognize and celebrate all the work nannies do for American families every year. It has since spread to the international community and even has a dedicated website and Facebook page.

This year, Nanny Recognition Week will occur from September 19 – 25. We have some fun ideas to help you shower your nanny with love this month.

10 Ways to Show Your Nanny You Care During Nanny Recognition Week

There’s no wrong way to celebrate your nanny! Get your kids involved, and get creative as you think of things you know your nanny would appreciate.

These 10 ideas can inspire you and help you get started celebrating your nanny.

1. Gift a professional membership

For $55, your nanny can become enrolled in the International Nanny Association (INA). Membership provides access to networking events, leadership opportunities, professional training, and more benefits that can help your nanny grow in their profession. As an employer, you can join too to help elevate and promote the nanny profession.

2. Record a message

Have your kids record a song or other message for your nanny and gift it to them. This can be a memorable keepsake your nanny will treasure for years to come.

3. Pamper them

Nannies love to be pampered! A day at the spa could be just what your nanny needs to feel special and recharged for the rest of the year. Get a general gift card that your nanny can use on a massage, facial, nail treatment, or anything else.

4. Give them an extra day off

If your schedule allows it, give your nanny some paid time off. It can be a full day, or it could be just an afternoon. Showing your nanny you value their time is a wonderful way to acknowledge the work they do.

5. Throw a nanny party

Get your kids involved in decorating the house, making treats, and playing games that celebrate your nanny. Have your child give your nanny a gift at the party.

6. Gift them cash

Everyone likes extra cash. This is an easy gift that you can offer your nanny to spend however they want. Your nanny might want to put it towards a more significant financial goal, like buying a house. Or, they might want to treat themselves to dinner. Either way, the gesture will be appreciated and will go toward something that makes your nanny happy.

7. Make a special donation

If your nanny loves a specific cause, such as the Humane Society, consider making a donation in their name.

8. Treat them to dinner

If your nanny is a hybrid nanny who cooks for your family, give them the night off! Treat your hybrid nanny to dinner either at your home or at a nice restaurant. Spend the time getting to know them as a person outside of work. This can be a great way to build a stronger relationship with your nanny while demonstrating that you recognize and appreciate their work as a hybrid nanny.

9. Detail their car

Surprise your nanny with a car wash and detailing. This can be particularly appreciated if your nanny uses their vehicle to transport your kids to and from school and activities.

10. Personalized gift basket

If you can’t settle on just one thing to give your nanny, treat them to a basket full of surprises they’ll love. You can include gift certificates, delicious treats, and items that will make them feel loved and pampered. Check out My Nanny Gift for some unique ideas!

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