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How To Say Thank You To Your Nanny!

It’s National Nanny Recognition Week! This is a week created to thank all the nannies who spend their time taking care of youngsters that aren’t biologically their’s. It’s a great time to show your gratitude for your nanny – or manny! Below are a few simple ideas!

  1. Everyone’s favorite gift is money! A bonus would be a good way to surprise your nanny with a gift for all their hard work!
    Maybe you could even present it with a hand-made thank you card from your kids!
  2. Another idea? Have your kids make a thank you craft for their nanny! This is a simple and sweet way to show gratitude! Use
    fingerprints to make a heart, have your children sign it, and then add the date. Pop it in a photo frame and present it to your
  3. Gift cards are always appreciated! Buy one for their favorite restaurant, online store or most visited coffee spot. Place it in a
    lovely card and leave it in an easy place for them to find!
  4. Why not give your nanny a day off with pay? You could present them with a certificate to a local spa, their favorite nail
    place or the hair salon they frequent. Let them spend the day pampering themselves as a thank you for all their hard work.
  5. Plan a cookout in secret, and then invite your nanny without letting her know she is the guest of honor! Make her favorite
    dishes or dessert, and have your kids sing her a silly made-up song about how much they appreciate her!
  6. Take your nanny’s name, and have your child list a positive quality for each letter. Use your computer to type it up nicely,
    get your child to sign it and place it in a frame. When your nanny has had a hard day looking at all her positive qualities will
    help improve her mood and make her feel loved!
  7. Does your nanny have a favorite chocolate bar? Make her a basket of chocolate using wooden skewers and her favorite
    treats! Place it in her room or on a counter for her to easily find!
  8. Spend an afternoon with your kids making your nanny their favorite homemade cookies. Get a lovely tin or box, and wrap
    the cookies in tissue paper. Buy her a nice latte or her favorite coffee drink to have with them for a special afternoon treat!
  9. Have a large bouquet of flowers delivered to her during working hours. Not only will it be a welcome surprise, but their
    smile is sure to outshine the sun!
  10. Is there an upcoming event your nanny would love to attend? Maybe a concert, play or museum exhibit? Buy them a pair
    of tickets (one for them and then another for a friend), and then give them the day off to enjoy themselves!

Do you have suggestions on how to thank your nanny? Comment below and tell us!

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