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How to Help Your Nanny Feel Comfortable in Your Home

Whether you’re getting ready for your nanny’s first day or fiftieth day, it never hurts to consider how you can help your nanny feel comfortable in your home. After all, even though you call it home, your nanny calls it a place of work.

These tips can ensure your nanny is comfortable physically and emotionally throughout their day so they can provide high-quality care for your child.

5 Ways to Help Your Nanny Feel Comfortable

If you ever doubt your nanny’s comfort level, be sure to ask what you can do to help. They may have some needs you are unaware of. Start with these general tips.

1. Make sure the environment is comfortable

This is particularly important if you work outside of the home. Make sure you turn your thermostat to a comfortable setting for your nanny and children. Even better, give your nanny permission to make adjustments throughout the day.

Often, nannies stay away from using the thermostat because they are unsure if they are allowed to use it. Be proactive by letting your nanny know she has permission to make the house warmer or cooler, depending on the activities she is doing with your children.

If you feel hesitant about this, remember that your nanny’s top priority is to provide safe and engaging childcare for your family. She needs to be physically comfortable to do that. It is worth a little extra on utility bills to ensure your nanny is at the top of her game while working.  

2. Communicate frequently

Many people forget that being a nanny can be an isolating experience. Even though she is with people all day, those people are not her peers. Instead, they are children who depend on her. Nannies need to feel validated beyond the care they provide. They also need assurances that they are doing a great job. Finally, they need to be informed if there are things you would like your nanny to stop or start doing.’

We recommend having a weekly check-in to talk to your nanny about her productivity and comfort levels. Find out if there’s anything she needs or if she has any concerns or questions. Early in your relationship, this meeting might take a half hour or longer. However, once you get into a routine, it can be a quick five-minute conversation at the end of the week to ensure you are all on the same page and your nanny has everything she needs to be effective.

3. Offer vacation time

Being a nanny is a full-time job! And every full-time job should come with some vacation time. Let your nanny know what vacation time is available and how much notice you need before she takes it. Also, remember that hiring your nanny to travel with you on your family vacation does not count as her paid time off!

And don’t worry about what you’ll do when your nanny is away – At Ease Flex Care Solutions can help you find the perfect temporary nanny to fill in while your full-time nanny takes a much-needed break.

4. Let her know what she can do in your home

At a standard office, employees know what they can and can’t use – for example, they can use the breakroom coffee maker and visit the snack bar as much as they want. Make sure your nanny knows what she is allowed to have in your home and what she should bring.

For instance, can she eat the same lunch she prepares for your kids, or should she bring something from home? Can she make coffee with your coffee maker, or should she drink hers before she arrives? Whatever your expectations, make sure they are clearly communicated.

5. Offer your nanny a personal space

One final way to help your nanny feel comfortable in your home is to give her a dedicated space to put her things. It doesn’t need to be a lot of space – a particular corner in a room will work, for example. She can put her purse, coat, extra clothes, and other belongings here.

You can also offer to give her space in the refrigerator or cupboards where she can keep her own snacks, knowing no one in the household will eat them.

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