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Need More Time in Your Day? Consider Hiring Household Staff

How often do you say to yourself, “I need more time,” during the week? If you’re like most busy parents, the answer is probably more often than you can count!

Today’s parents have so much on their plates, from worrying about their children's education to managing their children’s extracurricular activities while navigating the challenging waters of growing professionally and balancing self-care and quality family time.

So, it’s no wonder that you find yourself at the end of another week wondering where the time went and thinking about all the things that didn’t come off your to-do list.

We're going to let you in on a secret that might be the key to getting more time in your day—you can hire professionally trained household staff members to manage a lot of things for you! In addition to helping you get more time in your day, hiring household staff can help you maintain your elite lifestyle. Here's how.

How Hiring Household Staff Can Benefit Your Family

Before you go all-in on hiring household staff, consider what you’d like them to do. Different roles are adept and handling various tasks and responsibilities.

Here are some of the ways hiring household staff can benefit your family.

Personal assistant

You likely spend more time on small tasks than you realize throughout the week. A personal assistant can manage those small tasks for you, giving you back an hour or more each day. Some of the things you can assign to a personal assistant include:

  • Paying bills
  • Planning meals
  • Helping with home projects
  • Managing your family calendar
  • Running your personal errands
  • Driving your kids to school or appointments
  • Shopping for groceries and household items
  • Scheduling appointments for you and your family
  • Planning events and making travel arrangements

Executive assistant

An executive assistant can perform the same tasks as a personal assistant but is specifically trained to work with executives and high-level leaders. So, in addition to the above list of responsibilities, an executive assistant can help you with:

  • Compiling reports
  • Preparing for meetings
  • Scheduling calls and meetings
  • Answering phone calls and emails
  • Basic bookkeeping and accounting
  • Organizing events and speaking engagements
  • Managing your personal and professional calendar
  • Standing in for you at meetings and taking comprehensive notes


At the end of a busy week, the last thing you want to do is spend your precious free time cleaning your house. A housekeeper can ensure your home stays tidy all week long by taking care of household chores and cleaning.

If you have older children who can benefit from a nanny, you might consider hiring a hybrid nanny/housekeeper who can take care of your children along with some household duties.


Your luxury home maintenance requires more than cleaning. You also need to maintain appliances, repair leaks, wash your walls, and more. A houseman can help you with all those labor-intensive chores plus handle other duties by acting as a chauffeur, caretaker, or valet.


Keep your home’s exterior looking pristine without lifting a finger when you hire a groundskeeper. Groundskeepers can handle everything outdoors, including your lawn, trees, sidewalk, and pool.

Ready to Get More Time in Your Day? Contact At Ease Family Solutions

These are just some examples of how hiring elite household staff for your home can free up time to spend on the things and people that matter most to you.

Review our complete list of estate staffing services to determine what staff will benefit your family the most. Then, fill out an application on our website. Someone from our team will be in touch soon to help you fulfill your estate staffing needs!

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