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10 Things Families Look for When Hiring a Nanny

Families that are considering hiring a nanny often have high standards and expectations. Being a successful nanny means more than loving being around kids (although that’s certainly important!) Nannies shoulder a lot of responsibility and need to be able to work independently as they go through their day to ensure the wellbeing of the children in their care.

With help from a great nanny, parents can fulfill their professional obligations, knowing their children are receiving the best care possible. If you are ready to advance your career as a nanny, it’s essential to know what families look for when they are hiring someone to care for their children.

10 Characteristics Families Want to See When Hiring a Nanny

While every family has unique needs, they all want to bring in a nanny with these 10 characteristics.

1. A genuine love for children

Sometimes, people will become a nanny because they cannot find other work. These people do not last very long in the field. To be successful as a nanny, you have to genuinely love being around children, even when those children are not behaving at their best.

2. Reliability

Families need to know they can count on their nanny to show up on time and manage all of their responsibilities without needing constant oversight or supervision.

3. Lots of energy

Being around kids all day can be draining for some people. Exceptional nannies are full of energy. They feel recharged when they are around kids and have the stamina they need to get through long days.

4. A clean background

Nannies are inside the homes of families and form close connections with kids. Therefore, they should have a clean criminal background.

5. Proactive approach

Nannies need to take responsibility for the wellbeing of the children entrusted to their care. They need to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to discipline and safety to ensure their children’s needs are always being met.

6. Flexibility

Life doesn’t always go as planned, especially when kids are involved. Great nannies need to be flexible so they can adapt to the situation at hand. They should be quick-thinking and able to face new challenges head-on in ways that always serve their families’ best interests.

7. Patience

Nannies cannot become outwardly irritated when they are faced with a full day of being around children. They need to be patient and calm so they can respond to changing moods and behaviors without losing their temper.

8. Advocate for children

Nannies are responsible for the children in their care, which means they should become advocates for the wellbeing of those children. This includes speaking up if they believe something is standing in the way of their children’s wellbeing while being mindful that the parents always have the final say in the matter.

9. Understands child development

Exceptional nannies are knowledgeable about childhood development. They understand what is and is not age-appropriate for the children in their care, which allows them to provide the best experiences for the children at different stages of development.

10. Excellent communication skills

Great nannies are as skilled at working with children as they are communicating with the parents of those children. They use their communication skills to relay important information to the parents. They can also receive communication, including constructive criticism, from parents and use that information to take action.

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