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5 Reasons to Hire a Hybrid Nanny in the New Year

The start of the new year is always exciting. It represents a fresh start and is full of possibilities for you to accomplish all your personal and professional goals.

If one of those goals is spending more time with your family, we have the perfect solution for you—hire a hybrid nanny!

A hybrid nanny fulfills the position of a nanny and takes care of other responsibilities, depending on your needs. At Ease Family Solutions can connect you with nannies who can fulfill the following hybrid nanny roles:

  • Nanny/Housekeeper
  • Nanny/Cook
  • Nanny/Family assistant

Why You Should Hire a Hybrid Nanny

If you need someone who can minimize stress in your household, you might be looking for a hybrid nanny! These are five reasons families love working with hybrid nannies from At Ease Family Solutions.  

Get the most out of your nanny experience

If your kids are school age, you may not need a nanny the entire day. However, many families still need a nanny to help during certain times of the day, such as after school. So, hiring a hybrid nanny who can take care of housekeeping, cooking, or operating as a family assistant can allow you to get the most out of the nanny you hire.

Minimize the number of people who enter your home

We’re still amid a pandemic, which means it’s important to take precautions about who enters your home. When you hire a nanny hybrid, you can minimize the number of people who enter your home. As a result, you’ll reduce your family’s risk of being exposed to illness.

Enjoy more time with your family after a long workday

In addition to caring for your kids, a nanny hybrid will help you keep your home and life organized. For example, a nanny/housekeeper can tidy up your home while the kids are at school and you’re at work. Imagine coming home or leaving your home office at the end of the day to find a clean, organized home instead of needing to spend your precious time picking up the house.

Get more time to spend on yourself

We all need to prioritize self-care, especially during these stressful times. A nanny hybrid who can take care of your children while also managing household chores can free up your time. Then, use that extra time to fit in a workout, read a book, or do something else that allows you to recharge so you can be more present when you’re spending time with your family.

Eat more home-cooked meals without the extra stress

If one of your family new year’s resolutions is to eat more meals together, a nanny/cook can be the perfect solution for you! Enjoy delicious home-cooked meals without the added stress of preparing them. Talk to your hybrid nanny about how involved you want to be in ordering and buying groceries. Many families choose to have groceries delivered to the house to minimize outside contact, then let their nanny/cook have control of their kitchen.

Hire a Hybrid Nanny from At Ease Family Solutions

Hire a hybrid nanny who can give you all more time in the day to focus on the things you care about most. At Ease Family Solutions can help you find a hybrid nanny in the Bay Area to meet your family’s needs.

We serve families in San Mateo County, Santa Clara County, Alameda County, Contra Costa County, Marin County, Santa Cruz County, Monterey County, San Joaquin County, Wine Country, and the city and county of San Francisco.

Get started by filling out an application on our website. Then, someone from our team will reach out to you to learn more about what you need so we can find the perfect solution for you.

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