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Hire a Hybrid Housekeeper to Instantly Get More Time in Your Day

Over the last few years, many families have found that their houses have become more than just places to sleep at night. Because of the pandemic, our houses have transitioned into offices, classrooms, recreational centers, and gyms. Instead of spending our days outside of our homes, we’re in them just about 24/7.

For parents, that means spending a lot more time making snacks and meals for your always-hungry kids, then cleaning up afterward.

But when you get done with a long day of work, the last thing you want to worry about is making dinner and cleaning the house. Then there's the ever-growing pile of laundry that seems to only get bigger even though your whole family is living in athleisure wear.

We can't change what's going on in the world, but we can help you de-stress and get more time in your day. Fortunately, you have an option that will let you keep living the work-from-home lifestyle without adding more stress—hire a hybrid housekeeper from At Ease Family Solutions.

What is a Hybrid Housekeeper?

A hybrid housekeeper is a housekeeper who also manages another position. By performing multiple duties, a hybrid housekeeper keeps your house running smoothly without inviting too many people into your home (which is especially important during these pandemic times!)

For example, a housekeeper/cook can take care of daily household chores and provide delicious meals for your family when you need them. Imagine walking out of your home office and smelling a healthy dinner that you don’t have to prepare!

If you don’t need a cook, you can hire a housekeeper/laundress. A person in this role will manage daily household tasks and your family’s laundry. Their laundress duties include washing, drying, pressing, folding, and organizing clothes for everyone in your household. This is an important role that takes the burden of managing laundry for every family member off your plate.

Who Can Benefit from a Hybrid Housekeeper?

A hybrid housekeeper is an excellent option for those families who need extra help with housekeeping, cooking, and managing laundry and don’t want to hire multiple people to fulfill these roles.

For some families, a hybrid nanny is a perfect solution to manage both childcare and housekeeping. For example, families with school-age children might not need a nanny all day. Instead, they might need a nanny to pick the kids up from school and take them to afterschool activities. A hybrid nanny in this type of household could also do housekeeping, cooking, or work as a family assistant during the school day.

We love the hybrid nanny option but recognize that it doesn’t work for all families. For instance, if you have older kids, you might not need a nanny to care for them at all. Or, if you have very young children, you might want to hire a full-time nanny who can devote their full attention to your babies and young toddlers. Then, you can hire a hybrid housekeeper to take care of your home’s interior, along with cooking and managing laundry.

Are You Looking for a Hybrid Housekeeper? Get in Touch!

You work too hard to spend your time worrying about cooking, cleaning, and laundry. Give yourself a break by hiring a hybrid housekeeper to manage household chores so you can spend more time with your family

At Ease Family Solutions is here to help families in the Bay Area and beyond find a hybrid housekeeper for their home. To get started, simply fill out an application form. A representative from our team will be in touch with you shortly to learn more about your household’s needs so we can find the perfect fit.

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