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When is the Right Time to Hire an Executive Assistant?

If you’re an executive or business owner who struggles to get everything done by the end of the day, it might be time to hire an executive assistant as a member of your household staff.

This article will talk about what an executive assistant does and why now might be the right time for you to hire one to help you manage essential aspects of your business.

What is an Executive Assistant?

As the name suggests, an executive assistant helps executives with daily tasks. These tasks can range from scheduling meetings and making travel arrangements to preparing reports and making critical business decisions.

Executive assistants act as a gatekeeper to the executive team. They decide who gets access to you and when. They can also have decision-making power that can impact the company. In addition, executive assistants can help you manage critical aspects of your home life to ensure you get the work-life balance you need.

It’s critical to find someone who has the right qualifications and experience to help you manage the day-to-day aspects of your job so you can focus more on the tasks and responsibilities that matter to you.

5 Signs You Should Hire an Executive Assistant

Wondering if you’re ready to hire an executive assistant? Here are some signs that now’s the right time.

1. You’re constantly falling behind because of administrative tasks

If administrative tasks are taking over your life and getting in the way of the essential work that needs to get done, it is probably time to hire an executive assistant. They can help you with all those small tasks that eat away at your day, like managing your inbox, fielding phone calls, and booking appointments.

2. You don’t have time to change internal processes

You might know what needs to change to get more time back in your day. But that’s not helpful when you still lack time to do it. An executive assistant can make the necessary adjustments to your internal processes to help you and your entire company become more efficient.

3. You keep missing out on valuable family time

Every working parent has periods when they need to be at work instead of home. However, if you’re finding that you consistently miss out on time with your family, like taking vacations or attending your kids’ sporting events, it might be time to bring in outside help.

4. You’re losing business because you can’t follow up

Do you find yourself running out of time to return phone calls or answer emails? Unfortunately, you might be missing out on gaining valuable clients who can help move your business forward. Hiring an executive assistant may help you get more business that positively impacts your bottom line. As they answer your emails and phone calls, your executive assistant can determine who you should talk to and who isn’t worth your time.

5. You keep missing meetings

If you’re consistently missing meetings because your calendar is unorganized, it’s time to get some help. An executive assistant will help you get organized by managing your calendar so you never miss another meeting.

Ready to Hire an Executive Assistant? At Ease Can Help!

If you can relate to any of the above, you probably need to consider hiring an executive assistant. However, we know the last thing you have time for is an all-out candidate search. That’s why we’re here to help!

At Ease Family Solutions can help you find the right executive assistant to help you manage all your business needs. Simply fill out an application form on our website, and someone will be in touch soon!

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