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Hire Estate Staff in Highland, Maryland

Many families in Highland, Maryland, are discovering the many benefits of hiring estate staff to manage everything from light housekeeping and cooking to complete estate management for your primary and secondary residences.

At Ease Family Solutions can help your family find the perfect estate staff in Highland, Maryland, to keep your household and estate running smoothly while you focus on your family, career, and hobbies.

Estate Staffing Solutions Available in Highland, Maryland

Here are some of the estate staffing positions we can help your family find.

Estate manager

Whether you have multiple estates in Maryland, the US, or around the world, we can help you find an experienced estate manager to ensure your estates are well-maintained and always available. In addition, they can help manage the finances of your estate and make staffing decisions.

Household manager

While an estate manager is focused on the entirety of your family’s estate, a household manager is focused on your primary residence. They will help manage the tasks required to keep your household running smoothly, including running errands as needed and doing whatever it takes to keep your home’s interior and exterior pristine at all times.

Family assistant

Estate and household managers are primarily responsible for managing the buildings within your estate. A family assistant, in contrast, is responsible for managing the aspects of your family life that will ensure you can spend more time with your family. For instance, they can manage your family’s calendar, schedule appointments, run errands, organize your home, and help with laundry and housekeeping.

Executive housekeeper

If you have multiple housekeepers, the executive housekeeper will train and manage them so you don’t have to. They will ensure your home is running smoothly and well-maintained at all times by coordinating the entirety of your household staff.

Private chef

You can hire a private chef on a full-time, part-time, or special event basis. Some families love having a personal chef who can prepare them meals nightly while managing kitchen staff and serving meals based on your family’s preferences and dietary needs. Others hire a private chef for special events and holidays.


Keep your exterior clean, pristine, and well-maintained by hiring a groundskeeper. They are available to provide year-round services and will manage a grounds crew, so you don’t have to.


Many elite families prefer having a private chauffeur who can transport them and their children where they need to go with discretion and professionalism.

Domestic couple

If you have a seasonal home, you may benefit from a domestic couple who can manage it while you are away to ensure it is well-maintained and ready when you are.


Keep your family and children safe throughout the year with a private bodyguard who can discreetly provide protection.

Find Estate Staff in Highland, Maryland, with At Ease Family Solutions

We know you want to hire the best estate staff in Highland, Maryland. At Ease Family Solutions can help place qualified estate professionals in your home who will provide the care and services your family, home, and estate need. Get in touch with us to learn more, or fill out an application online to get started.

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