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Do You Need to Hire an After-School Nanny?

Once your kids reach school age, you might think their nanny days are over. After all, they don’t need somebody to change their diapers, feed them snacks during the day, or put them down for naps.

But that doesn’t mean that having an extra set of hands around in the afternoon isn’t beneficial.

Many parents of school-age children find that hiring an after-school nanny is the perfect solution to keeping their kids safe and engaged during those last few hours of the workday.

When you hire an after-school nanny, you can rest assured that your children are well cared for as they close out the school day. That means you don’t need to end your workday early or try to balance working from home with childcare. It also means your child can participate in extracurricular activities without you needing to rush out of the office to drive them wherever they need to be after school is over.

3 Reasons to Hire an After-School Nanny

If you're unsure whether your family needs an after-school nanny, here are three things to consider. We would be happy to talk to you about any questions or concerns you have with hiring an after-school nanny if you are still undecided about whether hiring an after-school nanny is right for your family.

1. After-school nannies can provide transportation to after-school events

As kids grow, so does the list of their after-school activities. Busy working parents often struggle to get their kids to practice, rehearsal, and club meetings before the workday’s end.

An after-school nanny can help by providing safe transportation to and from your kids’ extracurricular activities. They can ensure each child gets where they need to be safely and on time. They can also pick children up from their activities and take them home to work on their homework and get ready for dinner.

You will need to coordinate with your after-school nanny and ensure that you feel safe with having them drive your children to and from your home.

2. After-school nannies help kids stay on top of their school work

At the end of a long workday, the last thing parents want to do is spend a few hours helping their kids with homework. It’s not that you don’t love your kids – it’s just that you’d rather spend that time doing something fun with them!

An after-school nanny can provide support during homework time. Some after-school nannies may offer to tutor, while others can supervise homework time and recommend a tutor if your child appears to be struggling with a particular subject.

3. An after-school nanny may be able to help with dinner prep or housework

Do you need extra help around the house and someone to care for your children after school? Hiring a hybrid nanny could bring the best of both worlds to your home.

Hybrid nannies from At Ease Family Solutions specialize in childcare while taking on a dual role as a chef, housekeeper, or family assistant. They can help you around the house during the school day and then provide afterschool childcare until your workday is officially over.

Looking to Hire an After-School Nanny? We Can Help!

If you’re ready to hire an after-school nanny to help you manage the hours between the end of the school day and the end of the workday, At Ease Family Solutions is here to help.

We can help you find a qualified nanny in California who will ensure your child’s safety while keeping them engaged at the end of the day. Fill out an application form on our website to get started!

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