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How to Hire an After-School Nanny for Your Family

It’s back to school time!

With a lot of kids returning to in-person learning this year, many parents are breathing a sigh of relief. Having kids in school can help parents work from home in peace or return to the office.

Now, the only thing left to determine is who will care for your child when the school day is over.

If you are working from home, you might want to have someone else available to care for your child for those last few hours of the day so you can wrap up the workday in peace. If you’re in the office, it can be helpful to have someone available to pick your child up from school or be home when the bus drops them off.

Regardless of your specific situation, consider hiring an after-school nanny if your school-age child is returning to school. These nannies can handle everything from picking the kids up from school to managing homework, fixing a snack, and getting the kids to sports practice on time. As a result, you can focus on spending quality time with your family in the evening.

3 Tips for Finding an After School Nanny

An after-school nanny can help your family transition from work and school time to quality family time. Here are some tips for finding and hiring the right nanny for your family.

1. Identify where you need help

Make a list of all the things you need your after-school nanny to help with throughout the school year. Include club meetings, sports practices, and any additional after-school activities your child will participate in throughout the year.

Also, consider whether you will need help making snacks or dinner, as some nannies can fulfill a hybrid role and manage things like cooking or housekeeping in addition to being a nanny.

2. Understand the difference between a nanny and a babysitter

Nannies are not the same as babysitters. Nannies are qualified professionals who care for the child’s wellbeing overall. A nanny can drive a child to and from school and activities. They also will help with homework and provide stimulating activities in between school and family time.

On the other hand, a babysitter is someone who supervises your child but does not play an active role in their upbringing. For example, a babysitter might check that homework is done but is not expected to help with homework or know how a child is doing in school.

3. Create a schedule

Having a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule set ahead of time can help you find an after-school nanny who is available to meet your needs. Include your child’s school schedule along with any days off or half-days when you will need your nanny to step in for the whole day. Also, include any days that you or someone else will pick up your child so your nanny can plan ahead.

Make sure to put in practice times and days. If you don’t know them yet (for example, if your child plays a winter sport and does not have a schedule), schedule in a temporary schedule that lets your nanny know what to expect, even if the dates and times end up changing.

At Ease Can Help You Find the Perfect After School Nanny

Imagine coming home from a long day of work to kids who are fed and have already completed their homework. This dream can come true for your family with the right after-school nanny!

After you have identified what you need from an after-school nanny, let us do the rest. We can find you an ideal nanny in the Bay Area and beyond who is available to work with your schedule and care for your children at the end of the day.

To get started, fill out an application form. Someone from the At Ease care team will be in touch shortly!

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