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Why You Should Hire a Groundskeeper for Your Bay Area Estate

Maintaining your estate entails taking care of it inside and out. You can hire estate staff members such as a housekeeper and a personal chef to help you manage your interior.

When it comes to managing the exterior, you’ll want to hire a groundskeeper who can maintain your lawn and outdoor property to keep it healthy and beautiful all year long.

What is a Groundskeeper?

A short answer to this question is that a groundskeeper is responsible for maintaining your home’s exterior. Much of a groundskeeper's time is spent on your lawn and garden, doing tasks such as mowing the lawn, laying mulch, and planting foliage.

Groundskeepers are also responsible for things like pool maintenance, outdoor lighting, and raking leaves. Essentially, anything that happens on the exterior of your property falls under the groundskeeper’s purview.

Groundskeepers can help your vision for your lawn come to life. They are also skilled at architecting landscaping plans. So if you don’t know what you want your yard to look like, a professional groundskeeper can help you decide based on their expertise.

5 Reasons to Hire a Groundskeeper

Here are some reasons why families in the Bay Area hire a groundskeeper to help them manage their lawns and gardens.

1. Save time on lawn care

Taking care of your lawn and garden takes a lot of time, especially in a place like California. You’ll need to ensure that your yard is adequately watered throughout the year to keep it looking beautiful and healthy. You’ll also need to regularly mow the lawn, trim the hedges, and take care of your flowers.

A domestic groundskeeper’s entire job is dedicated to your lawn and garden. They will ensure that it looks beautiful at all times, even when you don’t have the time to think about it.

2. Keep your exterior looking good for guests

We all know about the importance of first impressions. Having an immaculate exterior will instantly impress your guests and make them feel welcome in your home.

A groundskeeper will ensure your home is always looking guest-ready so you can be prepared for everything from special events to impromptu gatherings.

3. They’re experts in their field

Groundskeepers are experts in all things lawn-related. For example, they can help you decide which flowers and trees to plant based on your soil, lighting, and more. In addition, if you have pets, they can ensure that you don’t grow anything that could be potentially hazardous to their health.

Beyond doing the manual tasks required to keep your lawn looking good all year, a groundskeeper can help you ensure that you are only using the best products for your specific lawn’s needs.

4. Keep your family and friends safe

Groundskeepers are responsible for all exterior areas of your property, not just your lawn. That means they’re responsible for maintaining walking spaces.

They will notice and take care of things like cracks, bumps, and obstructions on your walking paths that could be potentially hazardous.

5. Keep pests out

Another responsibility for groundskeepers is pest control. They can tackle pests before they become a problem, keeping your plants and home safe from infestations.

Ready to Get Started? At Ease Family Solutions Can Help!

Groundskeepers work throughout the year to keep your lawn, garden, and exterior in top shape. If you’re ready to hire a domestic groundskeeper, At Ease Family Solutions can help!

To get started, fill out an application form. A friendly member of our team will reach out to you soon to learn more about your needs and help you find the right groundskeeper for your Bay Area estate.

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