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5 Family New Year’s Resolutions for 2022

These final days before the new year are an excellent time to reflect on what you want for yourself and your family.

You might have already considered setting personal resolutions, like eating healthier, taking time for self-care, or picking up a new hobby.

At the same time, it’s important to think about things the whole family can do together to make the next year your best one yet!

We have some ideas to jumpstart your conversation about what you want to achieve as a family next year.

Five New Year's Resolutions for the Whole Family

These five family New Year's resolutions can get you thinking about the goals you want to set for 2022.

Eat more meals at home

It’s so easy to forego making dinner at home and instead order takeout or head to a restaurant at the end of a long day. And there’s nothing wrong with letting someone take over for the night! But, if your family has fallen into the pattern of eating more meals away from home than in your dining room, you might want to consider trying to eat at home more often next year.

We know you’re busy. Fortunately, you don’t need to cook at home to enjoy a homecooked meal! Hiring a private chef is an easy way to get delicious meals served to you throughout the week. So, you get to skip cooking and cleaning up, and you also get to skip wasting time at busy restaurants when you’d rather be at home. It’s the best of both worlds

Practice gratitude as a daily habit

When’s the last time you sat together as a family and counted your blessings? It’s OK if it’s been a while—that’s probably the case for most of us! But that doesn’t mean it’s too late to start practicing gratitude. Spending just a few minutes every day discussing what you’re thankful for can boost your happiness and put things in perspective.

If you already pray together, add a prayer of gratitude. If you’re not a praying family, that’s no problem! Simply ask everyone to share one thing they are thankful for at dinnertime. Don’t try to correct your kids here. Instead, acknowledge the things they are grateful for. You might be surprised by what they share!

Spend more time together (and less on screens)

We know it’s tempting to spend Friday nights lounging on the couch watching Netflix. And, of course, there’s nothing wrong with a night of TV now and then! But, if you’re like most families in the US, you’re spending more time on screens than you even realize.

Next year, think of things you can do together that don’t involve screens. Some ideas include putting together a puzzle, playing a board game, visiting family and friends (if COVID restrictions allow and you feel safe), or just talking at the end of the day instead of watching TV. If you feel like you’re constantly pulled in a million directions, consider hiring an estate manager to take over some of the tasks that are taking you away from the family.

Serve others in the community

Find a local organization to donate your time and energy as a family. It could be a local soup kitchen, homeless shelter, a food pantry or another local organization that helps the community. If you attend church, ask if they’re affiliated with local non-profits. If you don’t, you can still find plenty of places to volunteer.

Make sure your kids are part of the conversation about where and how to donate your time. For example, if your kids are pet lovers, they might love volunteering at a local animal shelter. The more they enjoy volunteering, the more likely they are to view it as an essential part of their life as they get older.

Plan adventures

After two years stuck inside, you’re probably ready to have some adventures! First, put together a bucket list of places you want to visit and things you want to do next year, such as going on hikes or learning to surf.  Then, schedule them on your calendar!

We spend so much time talking about things we’ll do “when we have time.” Next year, make the time, even if it’s for just one new adventure. The memories you share will last a lifetime.

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