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How to Celebrate Your Nanny Kid's Birthday

When you work as a full-time nanny for a family, you’re bound to celebrate at least one birthday. While birthdays are typically a joyous time, figuring out the best way to celebrate them can make some nannies feel confused or uncomfortable – should you assume you’re invited to the birthday party? Do you need to get a gift? And how much celebrating is too much?

While there’s no hard and fast rule for how to celebrate your nanny kid’s birthday, we can offer some guidelines and suggestions to ensure your nanny kid feels special and you don’t feel like you went overboard.

3 Ways to Celebrate Your Nanny Kid’s Birthday

These are some ideas to help you navigate the tricky waters of nanny kid birthdays. As with everything else in your nanny/family relationship, practicing good communication skills will go a long way to ensure that you and your nanny family are on the same page regarding the best way to celebrate.

1. Show Your Excitement with a Special Shirt

Some nannies are invited to their nanny kids’ birthday parties, while others are not. Of course, some families choose not to have parties at all (especially for very young children) and instead do something small for a birthday. Even if invited to a party, you might decide not to attend.

No matter what situation you find yourself in, you can always show your birthday kid how much you care about them by wearing a unique birthday shirt! Our sister company, My Nanny Gift, has shirts for nannies that say “Nanny of the Birthday Boy” and “Nanny of the Birthday Girl.” Wearing these shirts is a festive way to celebrate your nanny kid, whether at home or at a party.

2. Get a Small Gift

In general, nannies are not expected to buy gifts for the kids they care for. However, it can be difficult not to! After all, you spend so much time with your nanny kids that you likely want to get them something on their birthday. The key is not to go overboard with presents. Leave the big ticket items to the family. Instead, you can get something small you know your nanny kid will love.

Even better? Make something for your nanny kid to remind them of your special relationship. For example, you can decorate a nice picture frame and add a picture of the two of you or create a small scrapbook of your summer adventures.

3. Plan a Special “Birthday Kid” Day

Kids often ask for presents, but what they really want is to feel loved and appreciated. So, pick a day close to your nanny kid’s birthday that you dedicate as their special day. This is a day when they get to choose what to do, whether it’s going to the zoo, baking a special treat, watching a movie with popcorn, playing a game, or anything else.

This can be particularly important if you care for more than one child in a household – giving each sibling their own special day allows them to be the center of attention and make all the decisions. This might be their favorite gift of all.

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