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Recognizing Local Black-Owned Businesses During Black History Month

Black history month is a time to recognize the tremendous impact Black Americans have had on our country’s past, present, and future. It is a time to reflect on the past and celebrate the strides Black Americans have made that will brighten the future.

One way you can celebrate Black history month in your community is by supporting black-owned businesses. Recent census data shows that there are over 2 million black-owned businesses in the United States, offering products and services across every industry.

As a Black-owned business, @Ease Family Solutions recognizes the importance of taking the time to find other Black-owned businesses in our community. This month, we encourage our followers, providers, and clients to seek out Black-owned businesses when they need to buy a product or service.

Here are a few local Black-owned business owners and their businesses that we’d like to highlight to get you started.

Two smiling women standing in front of colorful sign that says Nirvana Soul

Jeronica & Be’Anka — Nirvana Soul

Jeronica and Be’Anka are more than sisters. They are best friends and co-founders of the coffee shop Nirvana Soul. This San Jose-based coffee company serves up bold inspiration, exciting flavor, and undeniable joy to coffee and tea lovers in Silicon Valley and beyond.

Nirvana Soul brings people together through the power of delicious coffee and tea. The sisters deliver an exceptional experience along with high-quality, indulgent coffee and tea offerings. The brightly eclectic coffee shop makes it impossible to feel anything but good vibes, and the sisters’ positive attitudes and passion for delivering exceptional service and coffee make this shop a must-visit for anyone in San Jose.

You can check Nirvana Soul out for yourself in Downtown San Jose. Find them at 315 S 1st Street in the SoFa District. If you prefer to drink your coffee from home, you can still enjoy Nirvana Soul. Shop their online store where you can order fresh coffee delivered straight to your door.

Headshot of Andre Lane

Andre Lane — Lane Property Inspections

Andre Lane founded Lane Property Inspections to offer affordable housing inspections for home buyers, home sellers, and homeowners. A home inspection is a critical part of the home buying process, as it can reveal potentially costly issues that can be fixed before you move in. It can also be helpful for home sellers to conduct before listing a property on the market so that you can take care of any major renovations or projects before putting your house up for sale.

Lane Property Inspections also offers home maintenance inspections for homeowners who want to proactively take care of any issues within their homes’ interior or exterior. They inspect multiple types of homes, including mobile and manufactured homes. Their interior inspections cover plumbing, electrical, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, water heater, laundry room, fire safety, bathrooms, and attics. Their exterior inspections include foundation, exterior walls, grading, roof, and garage.

Local home buyers, sellers, and owners can trust Lane Property Inspections, and they are encouraged to be present during the inspection. Lane has 17 years of experience and is certified by the American Home Inspectors Training Institute (AHIT). The company currently serves the Bay Area, San Joaquin County, Stanislaus County, and Sacramento County.

Illustrated image of a smiling giraffe with the words how the giraffe got his long neck

Ivy Mburu — Author of “How the Giraffe Got His Long Neck”

Reading with kids is essential to help them learn about the world around them and grow their thirst for knowledge.

Kids ages 0 – 12 will love reading this fun story about how giraffes got their long necks. Black author Ivy Mburu takes readers on a fun adventure as Giggles the Giraffe follows his curiosity to find out what made his neck so long. His helpful friends provide lots of fun and giggles along the way.

This 24-page book is fun for kids of all ages, especially those who love reading about silly animals. The illustrations are delightful for babies and young readers to look at as they listen to this story about making friends and discovering where you came from.

You can buy the book on Amazon as a hardcover copy. It is also available on Kindle if you want to start reading it right away.

headshot of Shemone Buie with quote we all have the responsibility to be a citizen empowering others

Shemone Buie — Citizen Empowering Others (CEO)

Shemone Buie is a humanitarian and philanthropist who has lead many teams and organizations throughout her career. She is a successful business owner of Shemone Skincare, which offers high-quality skincare products for all skin types. Her passion for helping people shines through in all of her business endeavors and community outreach.

As a humanitarian, Buie lives to serve others. She helps fellow entrepreneurs and leaders in communications, offering coaching to those who need help figuring out the best ways to interact and engage with clients, co-workers, and other business associates.

Buie loves helping others reach their goals and realize their full potential. She has studied acting to learn how to be present in the moment, and she uses the skills she gained to provide exceptional service to all of her clients.

Support the Black-Owned Business Community This Month

We love our local Black-owned businesses! We encourage you to explore them this month and  continue seeking out Black-owned businesses in the future to help the community grow and thrive.

If you have any questions about our featured businesses or want to learn more about the services @Ease Family Solutions provides for families in the Bay Area and surrounding counties, feel free to reach out to us or look on our website. We are here to help your family with childcare and estate staffing solutions.

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