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5 Reasons to Hire a Temporary Nanny

Finding a childcare provider you trust is essential, no matter how old your child is. Many parents debate whether they should hire a nanny versus a babysitter, not realizing they can hire a temporary nanny to fill in the gaps in childcare.

Temporary nannies are more reliable than babysitters and can step in when you need an extra set of trusted hands. In this article, we’ll break down some of the top reasons families decide to hire a temporary nanny.

5 Reasons Families Want to Hire a Temporary Nanny

Here are some reasons families prefer to hire a temporary nanny over a babysitter or full-time nanny. If you can relate to any of them, At Ease Flex Care Solutions can help!

1. Full-time childcare is unavailable

One of the main reasons people hire a temporary nanny is that their full-time care provider has fallen through for one reason or another. It might be that daycare is closed or the full-time nanny is sick. These situations call for a short-term flexible nanny solution.

In other cases, families might need a temporary nanny who can stick around for a few weeks instead of just a day. For example, you might need to hire a temporary nanny if your full-time nanny takes an extended vacation, is dealing with a personal issue, or has a medical situation such as surgery that requires them to be off their feet for several weeks.

2. Seasonal care

Many families know ahead of time that their regular childcare provider will be unavailable during certain times of the year. For example, your nanny might take a few weeks off for the holidays to go home to visit their family or spend time traveling over the summer.

If you know your nanny is going to be unavailable ahead of time, you can make arrangements for a temporary nanny with At Ease Flex Care Solutions. The earlier you can call, the better! That way, we’ll be able to pair you with a qualified nanny who meets your family’s specific needs.

3. More qualified than a babysitter

Contrary to popular belief, a temporary nanny is not just a babysitter. Babysitters don’t have the same level of professional training as nannies. They are not necessarily able to drive kids to and from activities, help out with light housework, or make sure the kids have done their chores and homework before you get home.

4. Accustomed to helping families with transitions

Families often hire temporary nannies when going through a change, such as a big move, a new baby, or a divorce. Professional temporary nannies are accustomed to helping families navigate transitions. They have tools in their toolbox to help kids navigate their changing world in a way that will help them continue to grow and develop naturally.

5. Build a relationship

It’s possible to build a relationship with a temporary nanny who works with your family whenever you need someone to step in and fill in childcare gaps. This can make it easier for your kids, who will look forward to seeing a familiar face instead of being introduced to a new babysitter every few months.

Need to Hire A Temporary Nanny? Let’s Talk

If you are ready to hire a temporary nanny, At Ease Flex Care Solutions can help! We specialize in placing temporary nannies with families and can help you find the ideal nanny for your situation. Fill out a form to get started.

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