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5 Ways to Show Your Nanny Appreciation During National Nanny Recognition Week

Can you believe that National Nanny Recognition Week (NNRW) is almost already here? This year, it’s taking place September 18 – 24.

If you can’t tell, this is our favorite time of the year. It’s the perfect week to give back to nannies who spend every day giving everything they have to the families they care for.

7 Ways to Show Nanny Appreciation During NNRW

Feeling stuck on how to show your nanny just how much you appreciate everything they do for you and your family? No worries! Here are some ideas for showing your nanny just how much they mean to you and your children.

1. Have the kids plan a surprise

Your kids know your nanny better than anyone. Have them plan a fun surprise based on things they enjoy doing together. They could create an art project, write a short story, create a card, or put together a scavenger hunt. There aren’t any limits here! Your nanny will appreciate the thoughtfulness the kids put into their surprise.

2. Find a thoughtful gift

Need the perfect gift for your nanny? Head over to My Nanny Gift, where you’ll find all kinds of fabulous presents for nannies. Pick up nanny-themed apparel, drinkware, accessories, bags, pillows, and more. This site is perfect for finding nanny-themed gifts for any occasion.

3. Gift a financial bonus

Everyone could use more money. You can gift a financial bonus on its own or in addition to one of the thoughtful gifts you find on My Nanny Gift. Nannies will always appreciate cash that helps them fund a trip, buy something special, or plan for the future.

4. Create a video

Have your kids put together a video of some of their favorite memories with your nanny. This is a keepsake your nanny will cherish forever and can be added in addition to any of the other gifts mentioned above.

5. Gift professional development

There are many professional memberships for nannies that help them become the best in their profession. You may want to talk to your nanny first to find out which organization makes the most sense for them. Some to consider are – International Nanny Association, US Nanny Association, and US Nanny Institute. Joining one of these organizations can help your nanny network with other nannies, gain new skills as a nanny, and help elevate the nanny profession. 

6. Say it with flowers

It’s a classic for a reason. Fresh flowers can brighten up any home and remind your nanny that you’re thinking of them. If you know your nanny’s favorite flower, include it in the bouquet.

7. Gift a day off

If your schedule allows for it, gift your nanny an additional day off with pay. Let your nanny decide when and how to use the surprise day off, whether it’s to take a long weekend, go to the spa, or spend some time at home catching up on reading and relaxing.

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